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The chairman of Swiss National Bank (SNB), Thomas Jordan, said that the UK’s exit from the European Union without signing an agreement could damage the Swiss economy.The quotations of EURCHF will grow or not?

Retail sales rose in Australia in November. Will the AU200 stock index continue rebounding?

Japanese bank lending increased in December. Will the NIKKEI continue rising?

U.S. National Weather Service forecasts cold snap in the United States. Will natural gas prices rise?

In this review, we suggest considering another currency pair with the British pound. Is there a possibility for the GBPCHF to rise?

The UK may refuse to exit from the EU if the parties fail to agree on Brexit. Will the British pound rise?

Better than expected December jobs report and ample new job openings attest to US economy strength. Will the SP500 continue the rebound?

Contraction in Hong Kong business sector slowed in December. Will the HK50 continue rising?

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