Opening Positions

You can open a position with any instrument in use by the following way:

  • by "Make deal" function from the context menu when choosing a particular instrument in the "Quotes", "Open positions", "Sum open positions" and "Orders".
  • by the first button of the toolbar.

By the above mentioned function or button the "Make deal" window opens, where you can set all the necessary parameteres:

  • order volume (in units of the asset);
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit levels;
  • Trailing Stop mode (when activated, it is executed on the server-side);
  • "Lock" checkbox;
  • allowed deviation of the price.
  • In the window two buttons are located - "BUY" (green) and "Sell" (red) with current Ask and Bid prices, respectively. Additionally, you can choose another instrument for the deal from the list of the used instruments (by the button in form of a top down triangle) or from the total list of instruments (by the button in the form of 3 points); both buttons are located in the upper-right corner of the window.

    For opening a position you need to click either "Buy" or "Sell" button. Next, a window will open notifying the result:

    If the deal was not set by any reason (for example, invalid volume), reasons for rejection will be indicated in this window. Additionally, you can cancel further notifications about the results, ticking the checkbox "Never show this notification message".

    Close the notification window, by clicking "Close" button or the hard button "Back".