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InstrumentNameOpen priceToday, max.Today, min.Live PriceChange, dailyChart
XAUOIL Gold vs. Oil 24.793 24.855 24.788 24.799 ---
XAUSnP Gold vs. SP500 0.5059 0.5062 0.5053 0.5053 ---
XAUXAG Gold vs. Silver 75.065 75.135 74.995 75.105 ---
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Portfolio Trading (available only on Online Trading Platform NetTradeX)

Portfolio Trading

Besides standard trading, you can expand the range of your trading instruments adding Gold Instruments into a portfolio through GeWorko Method. With GeWorko Method you will be able to:

  • create unlimited amount of own trading instruments
  • trade one portfolio against another


Each portfolio can be formed using currencies, single stocks or stock indices, precious metals, commodity futures and other financial products to suit best investor's needs and preferences.